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    Hey, I’m Anna! If you are reading this it means that you are just like me - a real dreamer and a true wanderluster who is obsessed with exploring the most popular and the most hidden places of this world! 
    I hope that my blog will give you lots of inspiration, desire to travel and to visit new destinations. With my advice, destination & hotel reviews and my useful travel tips you will be able to go to any place on the globe and to chase your own adventures. In this blog in travel we trust!

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    Travel Tips



    1) Early booking of flight tickets and hotels. The best way to save money! Always book your flight tickets at least 5 months in advance. The cheapest flights are on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. Sometimes the difference in the price can reach more than 1000$! Always check the best possibilities (my favorite website for this is Skyscanner).
    2) Travel card for public transport. Instead of buying every time bus ticket for 5€ one way, just buy a travel pass for 15-20€ for 2 days. You can save up to 50€.
    3) Hotel booking. Everyone knows that the location of the hotel makes the price. Instead of booking a 4-star hotel just next to the lake you can book a great 3-star hotel 30 meters farther. We can walk these 30 meters, right?:) The price difference can be 100-200€ per night! Do not forget about promotions. You can search directly by the filter “promotions” in your city in the app to see the best options. If you already chose your hotel, do not hesitate to call them to book it directly and ask a discount. Usually you can easily get 15% from the price. The cheapest options for the bravest ones are hostels and couchsurfing.
    4) Local street food! Cheap, unique and tasty! Usually much cheaper than the restaurants where you also pay for service.
    5) Discount brochures for tourists. You can usually find them at the airport at information desk or elsewhere. These brochures contain discount coupons for restaurants/cafe/museums/souvenir shops. With these coupons you can save in different outlets from 10 to 50%! And don’t forget that a lot of museums, art galleries and simply beautiful places are free for everyone!
    Did you know all this information?



    Hvar Lavender Fields

    I am so glad that finally I can tell you about my unusual summer experience - lavender fields in Croatia! The lavender season starts here in the Mid May and lasts till the end of July, a bit earlier than in Provence, but this fields are not that famous and I guess, really underrated! We came to Hvar Island not for this. We found out about the existence of lavender fields here just when we arrived, and only because of the smell and lavender souvenirs everywhere. Of course we didn’t want to loose the opportunity to see it, so we rent a scooter, crossed couple of suggested by the hotel’s concierge places in a map and we left. It was raining hard and we had no idea where we were going (by scooter, don’t forget!). We were lucky enough to meet a man on the road who told us that we need to go on top of the highest mountain and there we will see the fields. It sounded a bit crazy, but we took a risk. After 30 minutes maybe we finally reached our destination! Completely wet, tired but happy!
    If you are not a fan of such kind of useless (definitely!) adventures, here is the list of the coolest places to see the lavender in Hvar, Croatia.
    The best season to visit lavender fields is from the Mid-May until the end of June. We were there in Mid-July and almost everything had been already picked up. However, the rest of lavender fields still had a beautiful purple shade. When I asked local people where to go, everyone pointed me to Velo Grablje and Malo Grablje, stating that the lavender fields are located just in the middle of these villages. In reality, you need to enter Velo Grablje and go up in the mountains directly - all the lavender fields are there. What I personally noticed, was another village in the Hvar Town direction called Brusje. It is really small and full of lavender that was not touched by people yet! It was just magical!
    What is the best time to take pictures? Well, I will tell you, I was really sad in the morning when it was raining and cloudy, but it turned out that lavender looked much better on the pics in this weather when it was sunny. When the sun came out, the lavender lost its unique cold purple shade and became just pink. So, the best time would be probably 6/7 am when the sun only goes up.
    I hope that this post was useful for someone. I am still dreaming about going to Province!

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